"Safe QR Reader & QR Creator" Privacy Policy


1. Data Usage

The following information you have provided will be gathered and stored:

1.1 Contact Data:

Including your email address. We will get this information if you contact us, for instance if you send us an email via one of the links on our platform.

1.2 Identifiers:

Your User ID and Device ID are included. This links to your identity and is used for crash & ads analysis.

1.3 Usage Data:

Including the way products interact. This is used for analytics and App functionality.

1.4 Infomation we use but not collect

Regarding the Personal Data, and notwithstanding anything to the contrary in other Sections of this Privacy Policy, we do not:

• collect, store, share, or transfer the data off the User devices;

• use the data to identify any specific individual user;

• use the data for authentication, advertising, or marketing purposes, or to otherwise target a user in a similar manner;

• use the data to build a user profile, or otherwise attempt, facilitate, or encourage third parties to do any of the foregoing.

1.5 Others

In order for us to reply to your inquiry and offer support, when you send a message to our service team or otherwise get in touch with us, we will keep a record of our communication and the information you've provided (including your email address). Also, our application includes a facility for submitting logs. It is up to you to start the upload. The provided logs enable us to remotely fix your program's issues. Safe QR Reader & QR Creator alone won't activate this feature.

2. Data Security

When transferring or keeping your data, we will utilize a variety of security precautions to prevent misuse, unauthorized alteration, or loss, as well as adhere to industry best practices and open principles that are widely-known by users. While we can't completely stop misuse, data loss, and tampering, we can at least try to stop it from happening.

2.1 How we transfer and store personal data

Your password will be saved in the "Safe QR Reader & QR Creator" application using one-way hash encryption. It won't be possible for us to decrypt it. Our file storage solution will safely store your reports and other file data. We'll safely keep any additional information you've logged in our structured storage service. You can only access this information by logging into your "Safe QR Reader & QR Creator" account.

3. About

At any time, our business retains the right to change this privacy statement. We will alter our data collecting, use practices, and service features as necessary in response to changes in, among other things, applicable laws and regulations. We will let you know via the application, website, or email if we think there have been significant adjustments. Please email us at sonic@companyoutright.com.